NABISA Membership

Different Categories

NABISA offers the following categories of membership:

  1. Building Inspector (Statutory Enforcement- Local government and NHBRC): Minimum Three-year or greater tertiary degree or National diploma in one of the following (plus appropriate work experience):  Civil engineering; Structural engineering; Architecture; Building management; Building science; Building surveying; or Quantity surveying.
  2. A Home Inspector (Building Condition Assessor): SAHITA Certificate of Competence  or any other qualification approved by NABISA.  Plus appropriate work experience.
  3. Compliance Inspector: Any legally competent person certified to issue certifications of compliance (CoC) for any of the following:  New roofs (A19), Electrical installations, plumbing and drain installatios, gas installations, electrical fence installations, construction safety, pest control, or  glazing.
  4. Project Manager: Member of the SACPMCP and/or actively involved in project management and quality control in the South African construction industry.
  5. Candidate Inspector: On submission of a CV and letter of motivation from the applicant’s employer following  by NABISA approval.
  6. Corporate Membership: Any entity employing 5 or more NABISA members may apply for corporate membership of NABISA

Until 1 February 2019 all NABISA membership will continue to be free.   Membership of NABISA has been free since its inception in 2016 and all NABISA expenses have been funded by SAHITA.   SAHITA, was the body responsible for the registration of NABISA (The National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa) with the CIPC as a non-profit organisation (registration K2016210564).

To apply for individual membership please complete the registration application below:

Individual Membership Application

Please fill out your Membership application form

A corporate member is considered an associate member and has no voting rights,

Work Experience

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Please fill in your educational details below.

I declare that that I have not been excluded from membership of NABISA for any misconduct reason.

To apply for corporate  membership please complete the registration application below:

Corporate Membership Form

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Corporate membership is open to any organisation who employes 5 or more registered Nabisa members.

Please note that this form is intended for corporate membership only. Individuals will still have to fill in separate personal registrations.

Initial Membership is Free

Regional general meetings of NABISA members will be held in the first quarter of 2019 to:

  1. Ratify the NABISA Constitution (draft constitution to be made available to member prior to these meetings);
  2. Elect a new board representative of all sectors of the South African building inspection industry;
  3. Ratify the appointment of NABISA office bearers;
  4. Set membership fees and membership qualification standards