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Accredited South African Building Inspection Training

Since 2016 NABISA, together with SAHITA, has been working with various government and private sector stakeholders under the auspices of LGSETA (Local Government Seta) and the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) to develop an accredited 3-year building inspector qualification at NQF levels 5-7.

The curriculum for this new building inspector qualification has been designed to meet the needs of all SA sectors employing building inspectors – including government, local government and the private sector (the real estate and construction industries and also financial institutions).  This new building inspector qualification is designed to cater for all of the varied levels of knowledge required by different employers of South African building inspectors.

The Building Inspector qualification framework was approved by QCTO and is currently for final consideration by SAQA. Once the Assessment criteria for the new Building Inspector qualification have been finalised and approved it is expected that RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will also be addressed.

Professional Recognition for SA Building Inspectors

Building and home inspectors who wish to become members of NABISA must possess a credible knowledge of the South African built environment and in particular knowledge of the  National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (the “Act”) together with a working knowledge of all parts of SANS 10400 – Parts A to XA and other relevant South African legislation and national standards.

This general requirement for NABISA membership can be satisfied in the following ways:

  • Certification by a recognised training institute, which has provided the applicant with detailed tuition regarding the Act, SANS 10400 and other relevant South African legislation and national standards and/or
  • Credible workplace experience as a South African building and/or home inspector

NABISA may, at its sole discretion, require the  NABISA membership applicant to provide details and/or proof of the applicant’s education, training and experience.  This may include a requirement for the applicant to submit to NABISA  copies of the applicant’s inspection reports,  and/or a summary of the course content of any relevant training and tuition in the South African built environment, which has been completed by the applicant.

Different membership categories

NABISA offers the following categories of membership:

  1. Building Inspector (Statutory Enforcement- Local government and NHBRC):Minimum Three-year or greater tertiary degree or National diploma in one of the following (plus appropriate work experience):  Civil engineering; Structural engineering; Architecture; Building management; Building science; Building surveying; or Quantity surveying.
  2. A Home Inspector(Building Condition Assessor): SAHITA Certificate of Competence or any other qualification approved by NABISA.  Plus appropriate work experience.
  3. Compliance Inspector:Any legally competent person certified to issue certifications of compliance (CoC) for any of the following:  New roofs (A19), Electrical installations, plumbing and drain installations, gas installations, electrical fence installations, construction safety, pest control, or  glazing.
  4. Project Manager: Member of the SACPMCP and/or actively involved in project management and quality control in the South African construction industry.
  5. Candidate Inspector: On submission of a CV and letter of motivation from the applicant’s employer following  by NABISA approval.
  6. Corporate Membership: Any entity employing 5 or more NABISA members may apply for corporate membership of NABISA

NABISA membership fees will as from 1 Feb 2021 be R750-00.  An application fee of R250 also applies to first time registrants. Membership of NABISA has been free since its inception in 2016 and all NABISA expenses have been funded by SAHITA.   SAHITA, was the body responsible for the registration of NABISA (The National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa) with the CIPC as a non-profit organisation (registration K2016210564).

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