NABISA – the National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa – is a Voluntary (Association of South African professional building inspectors – also known as assessors, compliance certifiers and surveyors.

NABISA was Established in 2016 with the Following Aims:

  1. To become a professional body representing the interests of all South African building and home inspectors (including assessors, compliance certifiers and surveyors).
  2. To regulate the activity of NABISA members by means of:
    1. Benchmarking relevant South African qualifications, training and experience required in order to become a NABISA member;
    2. Enforcing the NABISA Code of Conduct in order to ensure that South African consumers and property owners are protected by having their property assets inspected by professional, appropriately trained and ethical building inspectors.

NABISA has, in its short life, already attracted about 150 professional building inspectors as members.  Membership represents inspectors employed in government and municipal sectors as well the private sector (home inspection, construction and real estate industries).

NABISA has now begun to benchmark acceptable South African qualifications and experience which will become necessary for membership of NABISA from 1 September 2018.

NABISA Membership – Different Categories

Accredited South African Building Inspection Training

Currently no government accredited training and qualification for building and home inspectors exists in South Africa but are being developed.

Since 2016 NABISA, together with SAHITA, has been working with various government and private sector stakeholders under the auspices of LGSETA (Local Government Seta) and the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) to develop an accredited 3-year building inspector qualification at NQF levels 5-8.

The curriculum for this new building inspector qualification has been designed to meet the needs of all SA sectors employing building inspectors – including government, local government and the private sector (the real estate and construction industries and also financial institutions).  This new building inspector qualification is designed to cater for all of the varied levels of knowledge required by different employers of South African building inspectors.

Once the Assessment criteria for the new Building Inspector qualification have been finalised and approved it is expected that RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will also be addressed.

Professional Recognition for SA Building Inspectors

It is the goal of NABISA to become the professional voice of South African building inspectors and to attain professional recognition under the Council for the Built Environment.  In this regard discussions with a number of professional bodies are underway.

NABISA (The National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa) is registered with the CIPC as a non-profit organisation (registration K2016210564).